Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Are you geo-centric ? Do you need a personal GIS?

Everyone is getting connected nowadays to the online social grid through millions of personal pages, feeds, status updates, tweets, blogs, profiles,discussion forums, photo tags etc. Thanks to the connection machines like the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and other networking sites. All these sites incorporate 'location' in to their social habitats thus enabling everyone to be geo-centric. The recent eruptions of cloud GIS have enabled more and more online/mobile GIS applications to be made available to consumers. With the increasing use and awareness of GIS, at some point in the future, do we require a personal/home GIS software? How many of you will be open to having a personal/home/lightweight version of ArcGIS installed in your PC as any other tools like MS office?

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  1. That’s an excellent question! If you had asked that a couple of years ago, I had doubted what to answer. But today, my only and certainty answer is, Yes.

    It´s the same thing with netbooks or cell phones. Ten years ago, only a few had this gadgets, but today they are everywhere.

    Marcelo Botti.