Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bizarre GIS !

As a practicing systemic thinker, I always wondered about the power of GIS applications in various spectrum of human life. Being passionate about geography, travel, and business, I watch Travel channel a lot. While watching the 'Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern', this thing just popped up in my mind! Why not 'Bizarre applications of GIS' ?
Please go ahead and post all the bizarre but cool applications of GIS that you may have read, heard, and/or experienced! You can also post bizarre stuff that you want GIS to be applied on! Well, be professional. When sufficient number of applications reach to suffocate us, we can conduct a poll to vote for the bizarrest.

Let me push the start button:

1. I read in ESRI ArcNews about how a choreographer used GIS  to understand dance patterns.

Isn't this cool ?

Please post your comments either on this page or in my Linkedin page. Go GIS!

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  1. Cool, I was just reading about ley lines and geometric energy forces on the earth. Check out this kml:



  2. Thank you for your comment, Malika! A very interesting link.