Sunday, November 22, 2009

Google Wave and "GIS wave"

I finally received my Google Wave invitation (thanks to one of my friends) and started using it. Cool and truly game-changing features! I am wondering how Google Wave will change the spatial game. Google wave is open source, which is Google's core strategy to increase dependency and foster easy, quick adoption by millions of users. I am sure, the sandbox account for Google wave along with ESRI Flex/Silverlight APIs could come in handy for developers to play with and enable spatial publishing in Google Wave. There are many mind-boggling questions for the future:

Will GSPs (GIS service Providers) use their own Google Wave servers to share their spatial products with their clients?

GOOGLE EARTH has replaced/gradually replacing the use of ArcReader documents; Google's launch of its own programming language, 'GO'; GOOGLE WAVE is expected to replace traditional emails; What's next? 'Google GIS' to replace ArcGIS?

Is ESRI prepared for this 'Dark Knight'?


  1. i am a wave user, and i don't think that it will replace email wholesale. especially with the uptake we're seeing now.

  2. Thank you for the comment, ajm! well, time has to answer. You may be right, too !!